Cataract Surgery

Restoring Sight to the Cataract-Blinded Impoverished People in East Africa.

It is estimated that there is up to 82,000 children with non-traumatic cataract in East Africa, with approximately 19,000 new cases each year. United Hands Relief will send a medical mission to Ethiopia and Kenya to perform Cataract Eye Surgeries on patients in need. Our mission is to To restore eyesight to 250 people in Ethiopia and Kenya. Doctors will perform the procedures on one or both eyes of the patients, depending on their need. The next day, patients vision will be examined, and they will be provided with glasses and given the medical care they need and lack. The project's goal is to wipe out preventable blindness in East African countries, where vulnerable communities are already struggling with drought, famine, poverty, violence and conflict. Our goal is to reach 1,000 patients by the end of 2020.

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